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1 BA in Psychology - Organizational Psychology (Bachelor)
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Argosy University - Twin Cities United States-USA Eagan 2013-05-12
With a Bachelor in Psychology at Argosy University - Twin Cities you will typically have acquired a degree in applied psychology and received a solid grounding in the areas of counselling and coaching psychology, human diversity and difference, social, biological and developmental psychology, memory, thought and language, and problem-solving and reasoning skills.You will have specialized in, for example, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and prepared yourself to facilitate hands-on leadership within organizations and to help those same organizations hire, train and motivate employees. You will have gained vital skills in collecting and analyzing data, observing work behaviour, presenting results and recommendations to employers and in managing, marketing and communicating.You will have acquired an advanced critical perspective in the areas of research and evaluation, statistics, scholarship, and scientific mindedness, plus a foundation of knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes in the areas of tests and measurement, statistics, qualitative methods, and experimental design. You will also be schooled in the history of scientific psychology and its clinical applications, including the areas of physiological psychology, neuro-psychology, psychopharmacology, cognitive and affective bases of behaviour and social psychology.
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