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1 (NOCN)(Sandbach Boys School)FL1004A, Chinese, Starter Level (Entry)
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South Cheshire College United Kingdom 2013-05-12
With a PhD in Art and Design at South Cheshire College You will typically have chosen two disciplines from the range of art and design media available, including painting, photography, graphic design, computers in design, textiles and surface design, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture and video, exploring different techniques and modes of creativity to develop your own styles and techniques.You will typically have studied a critical theories module in which you will have examined the theoretical and historical background to one of your chosen disciplines, considering the social, political and philosophical context of the medium and its leading exponential figures
phd students: Your principal areas of research will typically have included fine arts/visual arts, design, multimedia and digital arts, and the theory of art and design. Some doctoral programs offer a choice of two approaches involving 1. Studio research (85% research). You will have developed a studio research project, with individual supervision, resulting in a body of work examined by exhibition. The material will have included a written exegesis (critical explanation of the body of work) of about 30,000 words and a photographic record of your visual or creative work, or 2. Thesis (100% research). You will have developed a written proposal that outlined your proposed project, placed the research within the context of the scholarly literature and outlined your proposed methodology. You will have been examined by thesis only (Typically of no more than 100,000 words).
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