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1 Agricultural Economics
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University of Maiduguri Nigeria Maiduguri 2013-05-12
A Degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Maiduguri qualifies you for professional, managerial or executive employment in the sectors of banking, agribusiness, international agencies, education or the public sector. You will receive a solid foundation in the changing economic and social environment and how it impacts on agriculture and resources. Ideally suited for further graduate studies.
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1No further academic job vacancies found.
Similiar courses, programs, degrees in Agricultural Economics or in the country
IndexTitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management University of Agriculture Abeokuta Nigeria Abeokuta 2013-05-15
2Agricultural Economics, Extension & Management Technology (Undergraduate) University of Agriculture, Makurdi Nigeria Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria 2013-05-12
3Agricultural Economics and Extension (PGD in (i) Agricultural Cooperatives (ii)Farm Management and Extension Practices) Kogi State University Nigeria Anyigba 2013-05-12
4M.Sc in Agricultural Economics (Master) Kogi State University Nigeria Anyigba 2013-05-12
5Ph.D in Agricultural Economics (PhD) Kogi State University Nigeria Anyigba 2013-05-12