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1 MBA (Spécialisation: Management, Banque et Finance, Marketing, Comptabilité et Audit, et MIS) (Masters)
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La Sagesse University Lebanon Furn-El-Chebbak 2013-05-12
With a Masters in Accounting at La Sagesse University you will be qualified to practice accounting and to carry out related business tasks. These include teaching in legal aspects of accounting, business information systems, financial accounting, strategy implementation in accounting, business studies in accounting, managerial accounting, marketing and finance in accounting, analysing data in accounting, understanding management in accounting, research methods in accounting, ethics and standards in accounting practice, tax accounting, consulting, budgeting and auditing.
masters students: You will have engaged in advanced study and research in the field of accountancy and its related disciplines, and gained a thorough understanding of the legal and ethical issues current in the accounting profession. You will have gained a deeper understanding of professional judgement and a critical, independent worldview.
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3MBA (Spécialisation: Management, Banque et Finance, Marketing, Comptabilité et Audit, et MIS) (Masters) La Sagesse University Lebanon Furn-El-Chebbak 2013-05-12
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