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1 Athletic Event Schedule (Certificate)
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Reedley College United States-USA Reedley 2013-05-12
You will have studied the scientific effects of sport on the body and the significance of sport in society. You will have looked at sport history and sociology, research methods and IT, sports nutrition, sports development in coaching children, sport & exercise medicine and designed exercise programmes.
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1Kinesiology and Athletics (Certificate) Gavilan College United States-USA Gilroy 2013-05-12
2Athletic Event Schedule (Certificate) Reedley College United States-USA Reedley 2013-05-12
3Athletics - Coaches & Staff directory (Certificate) Reedley College United States-USA Reedley 2013-05-12
4Certificate of Achievement (CA) in Exercise & Sport Science University of Hawai`i United States-USA Pearl City 2013-05-12
5Motorcycle Technician Specialist - Sport Bikes (Certificate) Universal Technical Institute United States-USA Rancho Cucamonga 2013-05-12