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1 Music Major - Bachelor of Arts Degree
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SAINT AUGUSTINE'S COLLEGE United States-USA Raleigh 2013-05-12
Music is a traditional university Arts subject since it explores a society’s cultural heritage and enhances skills in finding and evaluating information, communicating ideas and making sound judgments; it also increases our understanding of a powerful wordless language and helps us develop our mental and physical stamina while improving co-ordination and dexterity.
With a Bachelor in Music at SAINT AUGUSTINE'S COLLEGE you will have engaged in in-depth study of today’s music, the western classical tradition and music of other cultures. You will typically have taken a broad-ranging and practice-based approach covering composition, performance, computer-based arrangement and recording, along with the social and psychological study of music.
bachelors students: Employment opportunities: Graduates in music can look forward to a wide variety of careers, both in the world of music and the arts, and outside it.
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