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1 B.Tech. (Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology)
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Rajamangla University of Technology Thunyaburi Thailand Thunyaburi 2013-05-12
With a Bachelor in Broadcast Journalism at Rajamangla University of Technology Thunyaburi you will have studied a programme offering a disciplined engagement with the theoretical debates surrounding the industry globaly, along with practical teaching of the skills required of all entrants to employment in the Broadcasting and Journalism professions.You will have developed the ability to communicate effectively through a range of broadcast and digital platforms. You will have been encouraged to engage in independent critical thinking and judgement, using your imagination, creativity, organisation and ability to work to deadlines, in the creation of journalistic items for broadcast/publication on and offline. You will have developed a range of subject specific and inerchangable skills, including higher order communication skills, IT awareness and digital literacy.
bachelors students: Employment opportunities: Journalism, broadcasting, radio, television, multimedia or online journalism. Alternatively you may seek the challenge of working freelance.
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2B.Tech. (Radio and Television Broadcasting Technology) Rajamangla University of Technology Thunyaburi Thailand Thunyaburi 2013-05-12
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