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1 Doctoral School of Economy and Mathematics
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Cergy-Pontoise University France Cergy-Pontoise cedex 2013-05-12
With a PhD in Economics at Cergy-Pontoise University you will, typically, have studied the core modules of Economics, Mathematics for Economics and Business and Statistics for Economics and Business, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Quantitative Economics, plus the other compulsory modules for your chosen programme. For example, if you had chosen the increasingly popular European programme you would have taken the additional language module(s).
phd students: You may have opted for a professional qualification such as a Doctorate in Business Economics, which is typically aimed at people in business who wish to take their professional development to the most advanced level of formal qualification. You will have focused on the development and application of advanced conceptual frameworks and skills required by senior executives within the context of strategic and organisational decision-making, with additional emphasis on enabling reflection on experience and understanding, and increasing the analytical skills required by senior executives.
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