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1 Archaeology - Archaeology Ph.D.
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Laval University Canada Quebec 2013-05-15
With a PhD in Archaeology at the Laval University you will have received a solid grounding in human development from hominids to modernity and gained an understanding of the prehistory and early history of Europe, acquired a global perspective on the origins of the human species and world civilisations, and a focus on Eurasia. You will have participated in field work and excavations.
phd students: You will have acquired a highly advanced set of conceptual skills developed in the pursuit of new knowledge, which can be applied within or beyond an academic or scholarly context. Research training in any academic discipline helps to channel creativity into critical innovatory reasoning. The legitimate authority of original, independent research depends upon persuasive analytical arguments supported by critically evaluated evidence.
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1Archaeology - Archaeology Ph.D. Laval University Canada Quebec 2013-05-15
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