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1 Criminal Justice (PhD)
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Albany University United States-USA Albany 2013-05-12
Criminal Justice courses encourage us to develop a broad-based understanding of the social and political context of crime. We learn how to understand and contextualise crime, examine the role of key agencies and examine ways of working constructively with offenders. We also develop an understanding of the nature, context and challenges of criminal behaviour.
With a PhD in Criminal Justice at Albany University you will typically have learnt to analyse different types of crime including domestic crime and drug and alcohol-related crime. You will have looked at the psychology behind crime, the causes of crime and its impact on society as well as what measures can be taken to prevent crime including the rehabilitation of offenders. You will also have examined criminal law and the justice system. You will also have covered additional modules dealing with drugs, the youth justice system, mental health and crime, policing crime and mental health issues which lead to crime.
phd students: You will have advanced your knowledge of criminological and criminal justice research and theory, and trained to carry out and understand theoretically based research involving crime and the criminal justice system. You will also have learnt to read and evaluate data and social science research, analyze and develop criminal justice policy, carry out independent research related to criminology and criminal justice, and communicate original research findings and analyses of secondary research in a skilful and meaningful way.
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