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1 lifelong learning (PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies)
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Aston University United Kingdom Birmingham 2013-05-15
A PhD in African Studies at the Aston University provides you with a solid foundation for graduate studies. You will focus on the study of people of African descent in Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, looking at literature, arts and culture,including diaspora studies, ethnic studies, the role of public health, political science, justice, global studies, education, business and community development.
phd students: Your dissertation will be an original and definitive empirical study which makes a meaningful contribution to the field of African Studies. It should add to the knowledge of one or more areas either by uncovering new information, providing an innovative synthesis of existing information, propounding a new theory, fine-tuning an existing theory, or offering a new interpretation substantiated by data.
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