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1 Russian Literature (Doctoral Program)
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Saint Petersburg State University Russian Federation (Russia) St. Petersburg 2013-05-15
A BA in Literature, regardless of the language, typically equips you to undertake a special study of literary texts. Generally literature studies encompass several genres and periods, early modern literature and literary theory, for example, with a range of optional modules that will allow you to study areas of literature that are of particular interest to you. Many programs also offer a joint honours degree e.g. literature and philosophy, literature and drama, literature and film studies, etc. The example shown below applies to a typical joint honours degree course in English Literature and Philosophy and of course does not represent ALL degree programs in literature. (The examples for Master’s and PhD programs also use typical English language programs)
With a PhD in Literature at Saint Petersburg State University you will have received a solid grounding in such areas as an introduction to literature, an introduction to philosophy, The Enlightenment, an introduction to European literature, philosophy and literature and other core and optional modules in philosophy and literature.
phd students: You will have engaged in advanced study and research in such areas as contemporary literary criticism, controversies in literary criticism and scholarship and rhetoric and composition from antiquity to the present.
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