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1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Doctorate)
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Sultan Qaboos University Oman al-Khoud 2013-05-15
Typical graduate programs related to biochemistry include agricultural biochemistry and biophysics, providing the linkage between the inanimate world of chemistry and the living world of biology.With a PhD in Biochemistry at Sultan Qaboos University you will have come to understand the chemical principles of biological systems including molecular biology. You will also have developed laboratory expertise in modern biochemical techniques, including the ability to analyze data and prepare scientific reports. You will have a solid grounding in mathematics and physics to solve problems of broad range in biological, biomedical and environmental sciences in order to prepare you for leadership in diverse scientific and technological arenas.
phd students: You may have specialized in studying the structure and assembly of RNA enveloped viruses, or worked to discover novel drugs and drug goals to combat infectious diseases, and/or you engaged in constructing a quantitative mechanistic model to completely describe receptor tyrosine kinase activation and signalling. Underlying your research work was an attempt understand the structural and biophysical principles that regulate complex biomolecular interactions, and to predictably modulate those interactions responsible for disease states.
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1Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Doctorate) Sultan Qaboos University Oman al-Khoud 2013-05-15