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Academic Jobs in Azerbaijan Degrees, Courses, Programs in Azerbaijan Bachelors Degrees in Azerbaijan Masters Degrees in Azerbaijan Diplomas in Azerbaijan PhD Programs in Azerbaijan Scholarships in Azerbaijan Associate Programs in Azerbaijan Certificate Programs in Azerbaijan Undergraduate Programs in Azerbaijan Graduate Programs in Azerbaijan Postgraduate Programs in Azerbaijan Majors in Azerbaijan Minors in Azerbaijan Research Degrees in Azerbaijan
Academic Institutions in Azerbaijan Universities in Azerbaijan Institutes in Azerbaijan Colleges in Azerbaijan Academies in Azerbaijan Polytechnics in Azerbaijan Departments in Azerbaijan Faculties in Azerbaijan Chairs in Azerbaijan Organizations in Azerbaijan Associations in Azerbaijan Centres in Azerbaijan Medical Centres in Azerbaijan Foundations in Azerbaijan Networks in Azerbaijan
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InstitutionJob vacanciesStudy opportunities
1online Academy of Labor and Social Relations
2online Academy of Public Administration under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
3online Academy of Sciences of Azerbajjan
4possibly not online Azarbaijan State Oil Academy
5online Azerbaijan Cooperation University
6online Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
7online Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)courses | Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)
8online Azerbaijan English Teachers' Association (AzETA)
9possibly not online Azerbaijan Institute of Teachers
10possibly not online Azerbaijan International University
11online Azerbaijan Medical University
12possibly not online Azerbaijan State Agrarian University
13online Azerbaijan State Agrarian University (ASAU)
14online Azerbaijan State Culture and Art University
15online Azerbaijan State Economic University
16online Azerbaijan State Marine Academy
17possibly not online Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
18online Azerbaijan State University of Languages
19online Azerbaijan Teachers' Institute
20online Azerbaijan Technical Universitycourses | Azerbaijan Technical University
21online Azerbaijan Universitycourses | Azerbaijan University
22online Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Constructioncourses | Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
23online Azerbaijan-Turkey Business Association
24online Azerbaijanian Sociological Association
25online Baku Business Universitycourses | Baku Business University
26online Baku Eurasia University
27online Baku Higher Diplomatic College
28online Baku Music Academy
29online Baku Slavic University (BSU)
30online Baku State University
31possibly not online Center of Economic Reforms
32online Department of Biological Sciences
33online Department of Biological Sciences, Academic of Science
34online Department of Chemical Sciences
35online Department of Chemical Sciences, Academy of Science
36online Department of Earth Sciences
37online Department of Earth Sciences, Academy of Science
38online Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences
39online Department of Humanitarian and Social Sciences, Academy of Science
40online Department of Physical Mathematical and Technical Sciences, Academy of Science
41possibly not online Experimental Plant of Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Academy of Science
42possibly not online Experimental Plant of the Institute of Petrochemical Processes
43online Ganja State Universitycourses | Ganja State University
44possibly not online Genetic Resources Institute, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
45online Geology Institute of Azerbaijan (GIA)
46online ITASG Azerbaijan (International Training and Study Group)
47online Institute of Applied Mathematics, Baku State Univeersity, Azerbajjan
48possibly not online Institute of Archaeology and Etnography
49possibly not online Institute of Archeology and Etnography
50possibly not online Institute of Architecture and Art
51possibly not online Institute of Botany
52possibly not online Institute of Chemical Problems
53possibly not online Institute of Chemical Problems named after Academician MFNagiyev
54possibly not online Institute of Chemistry of Additives after Academician AMGuliyev
55possibly not online Institute of Chemistry of Additives after named Academician A.M.Guliyev
56possibly not online Institute of Cybernetics named after Academician A.Huseynov
57possibly not online Institute of Economy
58possibly not online Institute of Folklore
59possibly not online Institute of Genetic Resources
60possibly not online Institute of Geography named after Acad. H.Aliyev
61possibly not online Institute of Geology
62possibly not online Institute of History named after A.Bakikhanov
63possibly not online Institute of Information Technology
64possibly not online Institute of Linguistics named after Nasimi
65possibly not online Institute of Literature named after Nizami
66possibly not online Institute of Manuscripts named after M. Fizuli
67possibly not online Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
68possibly not online Institute of Microbiology
69possibly not online Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academican Z. Bunyadov
70possibly not online Institute of Oriental Studies named after Bunyadov Academica Z.
71online Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Academician Yu.G.Mamedaliyev
72online Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Yu.G.Mamedaliyev
73possibly not online Institute of Philosophy and Political-Law Researches
74possibly not online Institute of Philosophy, and Law Sosiology
75possibly not online Institute of Physics
76online Institute of Physics Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences
77possibly not online Institute of Physiology named after A.I. Karaev
78possibly not online Institute of Polymer Materials
79possibly not online Institute of Radiation Problems
80possibly not online Institute of Soil Science and Agro Chemistry
81possibly not online Institute of Soil and Agro Chemistry Elm
82possibly not online Institute of Zoology
83online Khazar Universitycourses | Khazar University
84online Lankaran State University
85online Lenkoran State University
86possibly not online Mardakan Arboretum
87online Mon Management Center
88online Nakhichivan State University
89online National Academy of Sciences of Aserbaijan
90online National Police College of Azerbaijancourses | National Police College of Azerbaijan
91online Odlar Yurdu University
92online Qafqaz State Universitycourses | Qafqaz State University
93online Qafqaz Universitycourses | Qafqaz University
94online SIAR Research and Consulting
95possibly not online Scientific-Research Institute of Human Laws
96possibly not online Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory named after N. Tusi
97Url not found Social Political University
98online State Management Academy under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
99possibly not online Sumgait State University
100online Sumgayit State University
101online Technical Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
102online UNICEF, Baku, Azerbaijan
103online Western Universitycourses | Western University

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