Animal Science (PhD)
Pusan National University

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Course / programme / degree
1 Animal Science (PhD)
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Pusan National University Korea Republic Pusan, Miryang, Yangsan 2013-05-15
With a PhD in Animal Sciences at Pusan National University some of your core modules will typically have included, Livestock Production, Animal Growth & Development, Animal Health, Practical Skills in Animal Science, Animal Feeding and Nutrition and Digestive Physiology.
phd students: You will have engaged in advanced study and research in the areas of physiology, behaviour, welfare, genetics, and management of livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and wildlife species.
A selection of job offers in Science, Research, Academics or Administrative
IndJobtitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Teaching Fellow in Animal Evolution and Ecology | School of Biological Sciences University of Aberdeen United Kingdom (UK) Aberdeen 2014-07-03
2Teaching Associate / Teaching Fellow / Senior Teaching Fellow in Farm Animal Population Medicine | School of Veterinary Sciences University of the West of England, Bristol United Kingdom (UK) Bristol 2014-07-01
3Dean of the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences | School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences Nottingham Trent University United Kingdom (UK) Nottingham 2014-07-01
4Data Analyst | Department of Animal and Plant Sciences University of Sheffield United Kingdom (UK) Sheffield 2014-07-11
5Associate Professor in Animal Welfare | Faculty of Science and Environment / School of Biological Sciences University of Plymouth United Kingdom (UK) Plymouth 2014-07-15
Similiar courses, programs, degrees in Animal Sciences or in the country
IndexTitleAcademic InstitutionCountryCityDate
1Animal Science (Doctorate) Chonbuk National University Korea Republic Jeollabuk-do 2013-05-15
2Animal Resource Science (PhD) Kangwon National University Korea Republic Chuncheon-si 2013-05-15
3Animal Science (PhD) Pusan National University Korea Republic Pusan, Miryang, Yangsan 2013-05-15